Wednesday, March 10, 2010

model: Eniko Mihalik by Cédric Buchet
coffee: McDonald's buy free
So I was drinking a free coffee from McD the other day & thinking...
When I was younger I didn't like the taste of coffee nor did I think drinking coffee was something cool that I aspired to. The thing is I am getting a craving for coffee all of the sudden. Before I might have had coffee once every 2 months; to be polite but now I will be eating something or walking somewhere & suddenly get the urge to buy a coffee!?
I did however always love the smell of coffee which I relate closely to my parents.

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emilia. said...

I have to totally agree. I had never liked the taste of coffee until a few years ago. I tried some coffee ice cream and fell in love! So if the ice cream was good, then the real deal had to be good too.. Right? So, now I am an addict. :)

Nice blog.