Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lets Talk: Floral Print

Whether you are raiding the racks at Barney's or going through the two for $4 bin at your local thrift store, you are sure to find florals and fauna motifs galore. Done well a print can look totally chic in any scenario. I am a huge flower fan in general & must admit to having a weakness for it in clothing. 
Here is a little glimpse of just some of the floral inspiration I have been collecting.

Here in haute couture.

A simple and great choice for Fashion Week.

It does not always need to be loud or colourful. Embroidered lace on this Erdem coat looks very timeless. 

I would wear this look from Givenchy every second day all summer long if I could (bleached brows included)

& last but not least an art inspired dress from Stella McCartney.