Sunday, July 26, 2015

The rocky hillside shown above is showing some new growth after it was completely burnt by a "bushfire". I forget now if the lady told me that the fire happened just last year or if it was two years ago. This was on the trail up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. How crazy would it be to see a whole cliff side engulfed in flame at night, instead of the usual single beam of a lighthouse? How glad was I to visit while it was recovering and green and not alight. It was good timing, this time. 

Time and it's passing is a funny thing. All we control is who and what we commit it to. 

I am alright at some things, however time management of personal time is not often my strong point. The other month a friend in North America texted me stating that she hoped I was "penning an epic coming of age novel". It would be great to have actually been penning things more often (regrets again with my time usage), however it probably wouldn't be the blockbuster or page turner a small few of you might expect . haha 

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