Monday, June 13, 2011


secrets: by reub-envision
Would you like to know some of mine?
1.  I am allergic to: 
2.  I don't wear the color red as a rule of thumb.

3.  When I was young I dreamed of becoming a: 
4.  I can do a girl's hair better then most girls: 
5.  One of the only things I am scared of is house fires: 
6.  I blog: 
   {most people I know have no clue}

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Jennifer Lien said...


1. I am allergic to most fruits, and some veggies. I couldn't imagine not being able to eat potato though!
2. It's not a rule, but I don't have much red in my wardrobe.
3. I wanted to be a vet.
4. I suck at hair.
5. Me too! I unplug/check everything before I go. A little OCD.
6. Me too!